What are the Services Offered by Freight Forwarding Companies?


Freight services are essential for people who are involved in buying and selling of heavy equipments, supplying materials and other businesses that involve a lot of transportation of materials. When one needs to transport something of small or medium size, then courier services are a good option. However, if is looking for solution for Heavy Equipment Transportation that includes transportation of vehicles, machines or large packages, then the best solution is to use services of  Freight Shipping Company Florida.

International freight shipping companies can help you save a lot on supply chain expenses in your business. As they are largest client to the shipping companies, they have bargaining power and thus the amount you give them for transportation is much less than what you would pay individually. They use their negotiation skills to get the best possible shopping prices for their clients. When these companies receive an order from clients, they contact various carriers to arrange for space in various asset-based carriers. The shipment methods they use for national and international  freight ships for Ocean Freight Shipping , trucks, railways and airplanes.

Freight forwards have international expertise and are familiar with various custom procedures. This experience helps them prepare and process documentation in the right way to ensure that the shipment reaches the destinations and checkpoints and passes through customs easily and quickly. They help in declaring shipments, thoroughly review the commercial invoice as well as bill of lading and other essential documents of import, export or transshipment of goods. Due to rise in digital mediums, most of these processes are now handled online.

If you wish to gain information on the services offered by freight handling companies, read on.

  • Negotiation of rates and discounts: For bulk shipments, these companies can negotiate good prices. Just like an airline is at loss when all the seats are not filled, the carriers are at loss when they do not ship the full load in plane or ship. Forwarders can also help one in saving money by consolidating the your shipment with other shipments in the container.
  • Planning and execution the entire shipping cycle: International freight forwarding firms now also offer door to door shipping services. They can ship imports and exports for sea, road and rail shipping services. They are specialist of moving large quantity of freight over national borders. Some large logistic firms also offer warehouse, distribution as well as delivery services to clients. For instance, if you live in one country, then you may allow freight forwarded to handle shipping to the country where your customers live. From there, one can warehouse, distribute and deliver good through their special services.
  • Consistent and Real-Time information of shipments: Technological advancements have enhanced various things in our life. They have influenced the freight industry too. Thus, now dispatches can provide real time information about the location of your shipment at any given time. Due to the advanced softwares, now forwarders also provide shipment tracking at various stages of supply chain. In case your clients calls you to know the status of an order, all you need to do is call your forwarder and provide them with date and ID of shipment and they will be able to provide location and estimated delivery time of your shipment.

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