The skin is the largest organ in the integumentary system, and so it deserves the best care. Your face is especially susceptible to extremities, and so you will need to pamper it once in a while to keep it glowing.

Detoxify The Skin

By now you are aware of the benefits of detox to the body. You may have done a few cleanses even, just to clear up the gut. The skin (face especially), deserves that treatment every now and them. The right Charcoal Face Mask will remove the impurities that have built up from the use of beauty products, leaving your skin clearer and fresher than it’s ever been. This mask contains bamboo, volcanic ash, ad charcoal for decongesting the skin.

Dead Skin Is No Friend

Dead skin is the root of all skin dullness. Unfortunately, it accumulates so fast that the lifelessness will show in only a few weeks of negligence. Most people reach for commercial exfoliating agents, but we recommend an Exfoliating face mask. Why is that? Because you do not simply want to get rid of the dead skin, but you also want to infuse some beneficial nutrients into the skin. This mask contains bamboo and coconut to sooth the skin and to reduce redness right after scrubbing it gently.

Cleanser Almighty

In a woman’s skin care regimen, none is more important than cleansing. The daily morning and evening cleanse are not enough to dig into the impurities that build up from exposure and product use, and so your regimen should include a cleansing face mask. The main ingredients in this mask include bamboo, which has silica in it and hence supports the production of collagen. Charcoal sucks all the stubborn impurities to make the skin youthful and fresh, while volcanic ash contains sulfur and lots of antibacterial qualities.

20-Minute Masks

You do not have to wait till the weekend to show your skin some love. These organic face masks are ready to use, and you will only keep them on for 20 minutes!

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