Non-transferable: film inspired by the search for a new Elizabeth Gallagher


Described as “French Kiss meets a Turkish Under the Tuscan Sun", a new film called Non-transferable follows Amy Tyler, played by Ashley Clements from the web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, as she goes on a “whirlwind adventure” in search of a man with the same name as her ex-boyfriend Josh Merit, who breaks up with her on their anniversary.

Stuck with two prepaid plane tickets for a surprise two-week holiday to Turkey she’d planned to go on with her ex-boyfriend, Amy and her two best friends use social media to “track down a whole new Josh Merit”.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul (Fotolia/AP)

The trailer highlights various attractions in Turkey, including of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, with the two characters shown trekking through mountain landscapes and diving into the sea, and it will come as no surprise that it is sponsored by Turkish Airlines. It also features San Francisco, where the first part of the film is set.

A scene from the Non-transferable film (YouTube)

The film stars a host of actors from different web series, including its director Brendan Bradley, who also plays Josh Merit, the main character who goes on the holiday with Amy.

"The themes and story of Non-Transferable centre around the spirit of the sharing economy and a Millennial approach to social currency," said Mr Bradley.

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California (Fotolia/AP)

"In the film, a young woman trades something she has in abundance to gain something she needs,” he added.

The inspiration behind the film was Jordan Axani's real-life search for a new travel companion after breaking up with his girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher. He embarked on a worldwide hunt for another woman with the same name to join him for the round-the-world adventure he had already booked.

Axani and a new Elizabeth Gallagher returned from their trip earlier this year, which they rated a success – even if they insisted that there was no romance.

Gallagher had a long-term boyfriend before she left with Axani to explore cities such as New York, Paris and Hong Kong – and they are still together, according to recent reports.

Gallagher, pictured above right, had a long-term boyfriend before she left for the trip with Axani, pictured above left (jordanaxani, Instagram)

“We probably got along better because we were strangers,” Ms Gallagher, a part-time office administrator and student, told local media at the time.

The pair also went to Milan, Venice, Vienna, Prague, New Delhi and Khao Lak, in Thailand. They were also away over Christmas, but apparently spent most of Christmas Day apart, with Ms Gallagher keeping in touch with her boyfriend over the phone.