Pet – this single word contains different kinds of animals. They are regarded as those animals that one can keep in their houses. Some of the common forms of pets are dogs, cats, birds, horses and in some cases the exotic ones. However, keeping a pet also means taking the legal responsibility associated and in this article, we will take a look at the situation when your pet attacks someone. We will discuss the legal standpoint, necessary steps taken, and the help of a pet or Dog Bite Attorney in such situations.

The laws for bite

One look around and it is evident that the country loves to keep dogs as pets. There are different households that besides the other pets make sure to keep a dog. Now, due to different reasons a dog can attack someone causing light or severe harm. The innocent animal can never be charged but the liability of such situation rests on the owners. The law regarding the dog bite varies from one state to another. Though the basic remains the same but the versions differ. A proficient Dog Bite Attorney/Lawyer can help you in understanding the situation and build a case against the dog bite charges.

The exotic touch

There are many animal lovers those who love to keep exotic animals as their pets. They can also be categorized as being wild. Some of the most common animals in their category are an alligator, tiger, monkey, or boa. The owners need to be extra caution while they are keeping such animals as a pet. It also increases their civil liability. Depending on the state law, the owners can also be charged with the criminal proceedings. Moreover, the homeowners insurance doesn’t cover the animal attacks by the wild animals.

Extent of charges

The attack by your pet is not always about personal injury claim. There are also cases when the animal is designated as dangerous by the state and in the case of any incident, the liability is with the owner.

The help

There are also other nitty-gritty involved in such cases and hiring an experienced lawyer will help you in dealing with the situation in a smooth way.

If you think you may need a Chicago dog bite lawyer, it is well worth the call to get caring, insightful counsel. SAM LAW OFFICE, LLC will accurately assess your likelihood of recovery and the potential monetary value of your claim. We will charge no attorney fees whatsoever unless we pursue your case and recover compensation for you.

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