Japanese comedian arrested for ‘breaking into school and stealing girls’ uniforms’


A popular Japanese comedian has been arrested after allegedly breaking into a Tokyo school and stealing schoolgirls' uniforms.

Kenichi Takahashi of the duo King of Comedy allegedly took items including blazers and skirts during the April break-in, Kyodo News reported.

Police confiscated 70 bags containing items of clothing including school uniforms from his home, following his arrest on Saturday. They reportedly suspect the uniforms belong to girls attending schools in Tokyo, Saitama and Kanagawa prefectures.

Takahashi, 44, told police he had committed similar crimes 50 to 60 times over the past 20 years to satisfy his sexual desires, TBS News reported.

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King of Comedy was the top comedy team in the 2010 King of Conte awards.

A representative of Takahashi’s agency, Production Jinrikisha, issued an apology, according to the Tokyo Reporter website.

“But since we are seeking to confirm details of the case we do not have anything further to say,” the spokesperson said.

There was no comment on the official agency website, which lists Takahashi`s “special skills” as “gathering shells at low tide, cheap sweets and fishing”.

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