Get the Most Efficient Accounting and Bookkeeping Service for your Business


After being on the journey to establish your business, when you finally break even, it is time to get results for your efforts. But if for some reason, you are still stagnant, not making any more progress, then it’s high time you do something about it.

Organizing your business on your own doesn’t come easy. You have countless tasks to do in 24 hours, which is just not sufficient sometimes. However, the thought of hiring a Virtual Assistant may seem too expensive to you, but actually it isn’t.

A virtual assistant can be an extra set of hand for accounting and bookkeeping (regnskab og bogføring) of your business. An individual or a team of virtual assistants, located off site that work remotely to help to maintain your business. One of the major benefits of hiring a virtual assistant is that you will save on the expense of hiring a full-time employee. It also includes the costs of employee benefits such as tax savings, health insurance, and employee-related benefits.

Also, most businesses need a good administrative assistant who can handle all types of administrative services that include managing business correspondence, managing company email, enter data, calculation of wages (beregning af løn), assisting with bookkeeping and scheduling and confirming appointments.

Hiring a virtual assistant does increase your business productivity. So, if you too want to double your profits by outsourcing a qualified professional, then you must approach Baltic Assist, a trusted platform that can provide you the finest accounting and virtual assistance services at cutting edge prices. They offer comprehensive support through an efficient cloud based services and use advanced technology to assure the best-in-class services for their customers.

About Baltic Assist

Baltic Assist is a team of professional freelance virtual assistants offering to outsource virtual assistant services in Denmark & surrounding areas. They specialize in managing your business by taking up various tasks that including administration, customer service along with offering the most organized accounting services (regnskabsassistance) and much more. For further information, visit their website