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Southeast Asia has been a hub of travel and tourism industry since time immemorial. With some exceptionally beautiful places, it is one of the most attractive tourist destinations across the globe. Tourism in Thailand (turismo en tailandia) has been on its top in past decade; Thailand is considered to be the most exotic tourist destination. This amazing nation is on the top list for offering some of the sumptuous Thai cuisine which is a major attraction among people from across the world. In Thailand, you can witness the thousands years old culture & rich history preserved in museums and art houses. This wonderful Asian nation has plenty of wildlife, white-sand beaches, Buddhist temples & ancient ruins that will make you spellbound. Thailand is simply an exotic, tropical, fun-loving, friendly and rich cultured historic nation; with millions of amicable Thai smile always ready to welcome you.

Like Thailand, Vietnam is another peaceful destination in Southeast Asia, free from hustle and bustle and is most relaxing place on this planet. With caramel colored swollen river, misty mountain roads and patchwork of green emerald in Mekong delta of Vietnam, it is a major attraction for tourists. Along with Vietnam, Cambodia has a set of most outstanding sugarplums, mangosteens, artfully designed temples, beaming green rice fields and shimmering water buffaloes. Some beautiful highlights of Cambodia include the resort town of Siem Reap near ancient Angkor and beachside Sihanoukville. Many travelers always prefer visiting Mekong region, when touring Southeast Asia.

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