Fraudster mother splurged £50,000 by stealing identity of former residents of her home


A mother-of-six lived a life of luxury by stealing the identity of a couple after moving into their old home.

Caroline Scott, 37, used the name of the couple who emigrated abroad to set up 57 online accounts for a £50,000 shopping spree.

Scott conned companies such as Next, Capital One and Littlewoods with a string of fake IDs – all based on the couple who lived at her address before she moved in.

A court heard Derek and Amanda Dudridge had moved out for a stress-free life in Greece.

Prosecutor Heath Edwards said: Within weeks she used their existing catalogue accounts to order thousands of pounds worth of goods and set up 57 other accounts in different names, including one in Mrs Dudridge's maiden name."

"It is perpetual dishonesty. Your illness and care of your children has not stopped you. It was calculated fraud. You were not ordering necessities but luxuries. Your husband must have been aware of it."

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