Food Additives: Select Carefully!


Nowadays, food additives have become a very essential part of our life. Basically, these substances are added intentionally to food items when they are being processed. Everything that we eat daily contains food additives, be it artificial ones or be it naturally occurring ones.

Some common additives that are consumed on a daily basis includes mineral salt, antioxidants, artificial food colors, food gelling agent, flavor enhancers, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Food emulsifier  actually make our dishes more appealing and tasty. However, the main question is that if these additives are chemicals, aren’t they harmful for the health?

Basically, the thing is that out of these food additives, some are very safe to eat but some others are very harmful. This the main reason you need to take care. In our article, we would discuss some facts about these additives so that you can take a wise decision whether to consume them or stop the consumption. Given below are the facts!

  • In this industry, various chemicals are added so that the shelf life of the food that is consumed is improved. Moreover, nutritional value and the flavor of the food is also improved. The appearance is enhanced and alkalinity and acidity is controlled.
  • Majority of these additives are mentioned on the label. The type of additives can easily be checked. If suppose, it shows Carob Bean gum , you can easily check out whether this ingredient is safe or not.
  • Some food additives might not be mentioned on the label. The reason for this is that they are listed down on the ingredient. For instance, margarine is one such things. Now, margarine is listed as an ingredient since additives are used for processing it.
  • However, don’t worry as not all processed foods have additive content. Some of them include long life milk, canned foods and frozen foods.
  • On the other hand, some food additives are extremely safe for consumption while some others aren’t. For instance Guar gum one of the well known additives has a number of health benefits too.
  • Sometimes, the listing of these additives is done with the full name, while at other times, the mention of it is there only with the representing code number.
  • Different kinds of food additives are seen be it rising agents, humectants, flavor enhancer, flavors, colors, food acids, emulsifier, anti-caking agents, stabilizers, vegetable gums, thickeners, foaming agents, preservatives, propellants, antioxidants etc.
  • Sometimes food additives are artificial and not natural ones. Sometimes, it doesn’t mean that natural additives are safe as compared to artificial ones.
  • There is a safe limit value associated with each additive. Sequential testing is used for determining the value. Some of them aren’t safe.

If food additives can’t be completely avoided, do take an idea as to which ones are safe to consume. Moreover, even chemical ones are considered to be safe because no harm was noticed.