Finding reliable websites to purchase, sell and trade ships online can be a hectic and arduous struggle. Most websites don’t provide enough vital information about the ship itself for one to be able to commit to it without any sort of hesitation, and with an undertaking as large as this, there is no room for doubt.

One website that has been a massive platform for all sorts of ship purchasing, selling and trading since 2005 is EShipTrading. EShipTrading is one of the most exceptionally built and well-populated trading platforms for ships in China. Over the course of many years, the website has managed to garner multiple thousands of active users who reside in 40 different countries in the world.

EShipTrading mainly offers effective services for online ship SNP , as well as channels for auction, design and building of ships. Their team of professionals has all the required expertise and skills to properly cater to each of their customers and clear path for a convenient and hassle-free experience.

There’s no number to the ship for sales they have available. Each ship has various details mentioned about it, thus making it easier for the buyer to locate the one that perfectly suits their needs. Urgency, country of origin and expected price are some of the qualities that are present.

EShipTrading has thus managed to become the go-to platform for all sorts of ship purchasers and sellers and the many different features and functionality that it provides has definitely managed to attract a multitude of users across the years. Despite being created in 2005, the website still manages to attract an active community of users who sell and purchase ships regularly.

Anyone who wishes to attain assistance through their exceptional team or simply become a part of their ever-growing community should look into EShipTrading.


EShipTrading is China’s leading online SNP platform and provides its users the ability to take a step into the ship industry and see various different sales and options first-hand. Through EShipTrading one can provide services for judicial auction and sales with competitive prices, as well as integrate the resources of the shipbuilding industry.

They harbor a global trading market that allows people the ability to communicate and trade with nearly 35,000 people across 40 countries. The features and benefits that this website provides to one make it a definite consideration. For more information:

Tel: +86-21-6886 7261
Fax: +86-21-6886 7368

Member Service Department: Tel: +86-21-6886 7261
News: Tel: +86-21-5100 1967 ext 8202
24h Customer Services: +86-186 1621 5515

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