The global Electronic Timer Market size on the basis of geography spans North America, Europe, China, Japan, South East Asia, and India. A timer is a specific and sophisticated kind of clock employed for calculating and computing the time intervals. It is said that as far as function is concerned, timers can be classified into two main kinds. First one is a stopwatch and other one is a countdown timer. A timer that usually counts upwards from zero to calculate elapsed time is known as a stopwatch. The device that counts down from a particular time interval is typically labeled as a timer or a countdown timer.

One such example that can be stated here could be of an hourglass. And as we consider the working method, timers are segregated into two main groups: Hardware and Software timers. It is known that few of the timers give an audible signal or warning that the time interval has finished. There are various types of timers available. One such is an electronic timer. An electronic timer is basically a timer that controls and handles an electric switch managed by the mechanism of timing in the electronic timer market.

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The switch can be fixed to an electric circuit working from mains power through a relay or contactor. These timers are fundamentally quartz clocks with unique electronics. It has been proven that these timers can display much greater precision and accuracy when compared to mechanical timers. These electronic timers possess digital electronics; however they may exhibit an analog or digital display also.

Now-a-days, it has been observed that these incorporated circuits have eventually turned this digital logic quite economical and low-priced in nature, owing to that an electronic timer has now become reasonably priced as compared to mechanical and electromechanical timers. Individual timers are executed as a simple single-chip computer system, almost resembling a watch and normally employing the similar mass-produced technology. It has been observed that now-a-days most of the timers are applied and executed in software in the electronic timer market.

Instead of a box occupied with electromechanical parts, the modern controllers utilize a programmable logic controller. With the help of a special computer language labeled as ladder logic, the logic is usually formulated as if it were relays. In PLCs, what happens is the timers are generally reproduced by the software formed and created into the controller. Each timer is said to be a mere entry in a table that is looked after by the software. It is known that the digital timers are deployed in safety devices like a gas timer.

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As far as the geography is concerned, North America is the dominating region in the electronic timer market. It is anticipated that it will witness highest growth rate in the forecast period. Major companies operating in the electronic timer market include Danaher Specialty Products, Theben AG, OMRON, Crouzet Control, ABB, General Electric, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Kubler Group, Eaton, and Intermatic Incorporated.

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