Dyes and pigments are those resources, which are water unsolvable. Pigment are usually manufactured as dry colorants and grounded into fine powder. Pigments are water unsolvable it demands some particular method for printing and dyeing. Some of the main type pigments utilized around the world comprises of isoindoline, pyrocoline, perylene, dioxazine, fluorubine andperinone. Dyes have resemblance to the functional substrate and opposing to it pigments do not have resemblance to the functional substrate. Pigments require particular methods for printing and dyeing owing to water insolubility. Pigment is a chemical matter, which changes the color of transmitted light owing to wavelength discerning inclusion. Pigmentation is completely dissimilar from all forms of luminescence, where matter release light.

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The requirement from end user industries such as construction industry, coating and paint ink is expected to drive the demand for dyes and pigments over the forecast period. Furthermore increasing end-user choice for ecologically friendly products is expected to fuel growth of the dyes and pigments market over the forecasted period. Growing requirement for pioneering high performance pigments and dyes is expected to unlock novel expansion window for industry participants. Organic pigments are predictable to illustrate the major escalation numbers over the forecast period. Specialty pigments are eco-friendly in nature, and are also expected to be in immense requirement indifferent areas across the world. These things find numerous applications in printing inks, textile, paints & coatings, plastics and construction. The growing infrastructure is fuelling the demand of paint is and coating which in return is expected to fuel the demand of dyes and pigment over the forecast period.

Increasing requirement for dye and pigment products such as printing ink is determined by quite a lot of factors such as increasing demand and technological development for digital inks. There are some issues which are expected to restrain expansion of the dyes and pigment market over the forecast period are raw material, it’s global over capacity, price volatility and environmental concerns. Current trends in the Dyes and pigment market are changing of manufacturing facilities from the Europe and USA to Taiwan, India, China and the growing priority for environment-friendly goods. .

On the basis of product type global dyes and pigments market can be sliced into three basic categories which include organic pigments, dyes and inorganic pigments. Dyes can be additionally classified into, disperse dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, VAT dyes, sulfur dyes, direct dyes and basic dyes. Furthermore organic pigments are classified into high performance pigments and azo, phthalocyanines, and blues. Inorganic pigments can be sliced into are iron oxide, titanium dioxide and others. On the basis of application global market for dyes and pigment can be segregated into textile, plastic, printing inks, paints and coatings, paper and leather. Textile industry is expected to contribute most in the revenue generation over the forecast period owing to their increasing demand of dyes and pigments. The paint and coating industry is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period owing to growth in infrastructure around the world.

The growth in infrastructure over the forecast period is due to rapid urbanization across the world. On the basis of regions Dyes and pigment market can be segregated into Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and Others. Asia-Pacific is expected to be the largest market for dyes and pigments over the forecast period owing to increasing demand from textile and paint industry from the emerging economies like India, China and Taiwan. Asia Pacific with its rapidly increasing manufacturing bases and budding economies, accounts for the biggest market and is expected to stay as the chief budding region in over the forecast period. Emergence of Small scale enterprises in China over the forecasted period is expected to propel the growth of Asia-Pacific market. India is expected to see good growth in regional dyes and pigment market over the forecast period. Asia-Pacific is followed by Europe and North America. Key end users from North America and Europe are stone, paints and coatings, wood-colouring metals and food. The demand for inorganic pigments is expected to increase from Asia-Pacific owing to their environment friendly nature.

Key Participants in the dyesand pigment market comprises of Dainichiseika Color& Chemicals Mfg., Cathay Pigments, KemiraOyj, E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, The Shepherd Color Company, Tronox, Inc., Clariant International Ltd, Kiri Industries Ltd, National Industrialization Co, DIC Corp. , Rockwood Holdings Inc, Ishihara Corporation, Heubach GmbH, Sun Chemical Corporation, , Huntsman International, Ferro Corp, Lanxess AG, Merck KGAA, Silberline Manufacturing Co, Flint Group and Kronos Worldwide .The market of dyes and pigment industry is not fragmented in nature and all the industry players are expected to carry out many expansion activities by introducing innovations and by making their products more and more environment friendly.

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