Monday, September 21, 2020

British Would Vote To Leave EU For An Extra 50p A Week

British voters can be convinced to leave the the European union for as little as 50p a week.According to polling conducted by YouGov, the economic ar... Read more: UK News, EU Referendum, UK Politics News

RSPCA ‘Acted Unlawfully’ By Putting Down Cat Against Owner’s Wishes

The RSPCA hid evidence and behaved unlawfully when it put down a family's cat against their wishes, a damning report has found.Claude, a 18-year-old ... Read more: UK News, UK Animals, Rspca, Animal Welfare, UK News

Saudi Man Shields Veiled Wife With Headscarf AND Glass Partition And Everyone Has An...

A photograph, purportedly of a man sharing a meal with a woman assumed to be his wife in Saudi Arabia, has divided the internet.The image – which r... Read more: Saudi Arabia, Headscarf, Twitter, UK News, UK News

Watch Cypriot President Laugh Off EgyptAir Hijacking, Saying It Was ‘All To Do With...

UPDATE: EgyptAir Hijacker Has Been Arrested, Cypriot Officials SayCypriot president Nikos Anastasiades has been caught on camera laughing about... Read more: UK News, Egypt, Egypt Air, UK News

Incredibly Young Children ‘Being Sucked Into Gun Crime’

Children as young as 10 were among hundreds of youngsters arrested for suspected gun crimes in the last three years, new figures have revealed.More t... Read more: UK News, UK Crime, UK Police, UK News

Easter Escape Descends Into Travel Hell

Police were called to help evacuate 150 holidaymakers from a “dangerously” overcrowded train during the Easter break.Passengers reported being pa... Read more: Easter, Trains, UK News, Bank Holiday, Good Friday, UK News

Brexit Group’s Dangerous Criminals ‘Dossier’ Causes Another Almighty Row Over The EU

A pro-Brexit campaign group has been accused of "scaremongering of the worst kind" for publishing a dossier detailing how some of Europe's most danger... Read more: UK News, European Union, Vote Leave, Damian Green, Philip Hollobone, UK Police, UK News