Thinking of what will be in store for you in the increasingly competitive job market after you have completed your training! That’s one question that gives jobs seekers in the IT sector sleepless nights, just as they are about to complete their training courses and hoping against hope how best they can kick-start their career with a reasonably good maiden pay-packet.

No need to worry!

But don’t worry. There are always some training courses that stand out and in much demand from the IT industry. Big data and Hadoop training fall in that category. Though the technology has been there for some time it is only of late that with the proliferation of big data and need for their management and analytics the training in big data and Hadoop have gained currency.

Training makes sense

It goes without saying that in today’s market, acquiring requisite skills and training in the handling of Hadoop technologies makes ample sense. There is a tremendous demand for trained professionals in the field. This spurt in demand for industry-ready Hadoop trained professionals have to do with the rapid rise in the use of the technology by both the IT and non-IT industry.

Rising demand

The need for seamless handling of data has concomitantly created a clear preference for Hadoop by sectors like Finance, retail, healthcare, agriculture, sports, energy, utilities, media, etc. That entails a huge opportunity for Hadoop trained professionals. The good news for candidates seeking to get trained in Hadoop is that now world class online training facilities are also available for them from renowned IT-skill-gap training institutes like IIHT, not to speak of their worldwide training centres.

Training programme

A typical big data Hadoop training programme encompasses Java fundamentals, Hadoop fundamentals, HDFS, MapReduce, Spark, Hive, Pig and Latin, HBase, Sqooop, Yarn, MongoDB, Hadoop Security, etc. Students learn to undertake Data analytics with the help of Pig & Hive.

Hands on experiene

Students get a thorough understanding of Hadoop set up such as Flume, Apache Oozie, workflow scheduler, etc. learn Sqoop during the training session. All the theoretical learning processes have to be supported by a comprehensive hands-on training in setting up different configuration of Hadoop cluster, etc. Hadoop is also considered to be the operating system for distributed HDFS – data file system.

Increasing use

Improved global connectivity and cloud computing have brought big data Hadoop into sharp focus. Instead of spending on setting up costly data storage infrastructure enterprises can now pay only for processing power for purchasing storage depending on their specific requirements.

Global brands

Today global IT firms liks Google and Yahoo use big data and Hadoop for their search engines. It is the Google that has popularised MapReduce because it enables easy distribution of works into small portions across a large number of nodes for mapping or processing purposes. What comes out of mapping in the form of results are then analysed to arrive at a final answer by reducing big data into relevant information.

Training useful

Training in Hadoop engineering skills have assumes importance as global brands like Netflix, Google, IBM,  Cloudera, Yahoo, Apple, Dell, Nokia, eBay, Hortonworks, Wells Fargo, EMC, Walmart, Fidelity Investments, NASDAQ, Verizon Facebook, Amazon, etc. have since decided to switch over to Hadoop. And, there are an increasing number of new players who have been jumping the Hadoop bandwagon to reduce cost and increase competence.

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