The Basics of Choosing your PSD to WordPress Conversion Service Provider


WordPress is one of the most widely used and liked platform for creating beautiful blogs and professional quality websites. Your website or blog is not just important for brand promotions but can directly contribute to your revenue and WordPress is one of the most suited and versatile platforms to achieve this.

Your website is the gateway to your world and so it must look the part. To start with any new project one needs to start from the design Phase commonly referred to the PSD phase.

This phase is where you and your designer exchange ideas and prepare the look and feel of your web presence. Therefore it is all the more important to choose the right designer who can match your frequency and provide you with exactly what you want with minimum amount of corrections and with minimum time wasted.

In todays connected globalized world you are not constrained by having the limited option of choosing your local neighborhood designer but can opt from the global pool of resources. Just type your requirement on google and you will find any number of providers.

There are typically two kinds of providers one (usually free lancers) the individual type who will only do the designing part that is design and provide you with the design in form of PSD files and the other type (firms) which provide you with end to end solutions.

The major difference between the two is that Firms usually have lots of templates with them so they work on them and edit them according to the client’s requirements however most of the time you won’t get the personal touch and the amount of personal -attention that you may like.

A freelancer or an individual on the other hand will be more forth coming in this matter and will you his/her personal attention and you can virtually sit with them to get your design ready if you want.

Once your Design is complete and you receive the final design in the PSD format you can then choose to hire a PSD to HTML conversion or simply go for PSD to WordPress conversion service and convert your design into a fully functional Blog or website.

PSD is first converted into HTML and then it is ported to a platform such as WordPress or any other of your choice. You can even get your design to be made into a WordPress theme so that you can keep adding more pages and plugins without having to go to your developer each time.

What you do need to keep in mind while getting your PSD to WordPress conversion done is that make sure your HTML is sliced properly and it is compatible with mobile and tablet versions as well that is the design is made to be responsive so that the site retains its usability when accessed from various types of devices given the wide usage of mobility devices to access the web this is one of the core features required. Also you need to make sure that the code is bug free and has a quick load time.

Taking care of the above you will achieve the perfect online presence you always wanted.