Avoid These Common Turnoffs and Attract Potential Buyers


Just like most homeowners, you must be deeply in love with your home and why not! It is an abode where you make countless memories with your loved ones, spend time with them and invest in the finest quality decorations and furnishing. However, the need to sell your home fast could arise at any time, for any reason. It may be that you wish to buy a bigger home or want to move into another city for your job, or personal reasons. When you wish to sell your home in just a few days, it may end up sitting in the real estate market for many weeks, sometimes even months with no one really interested. That’s quite baffling at such times!

Rather than you spending time pondering on what the possible reasons are for people not taking an interest in your home, it is advised that you should take a closer look at the possible reasons why your property is not attracting buyers. You can consult estate agents in East Dulwich or ask them to send anonymous people to help you with an unbiased judgement on how your property appears.

You could take your time to get enough feedback on what features look great and what do not look great. While you collect feedbacks on your property, you should also keep in mind that there are some common things sellers overlook, which serve as total turnoffs for potential buyers. Such turnoffs could also lead to the reasons why people are not interested in taking your home off the real estate market.

Common Turnoffs to Avoid

1.     An Untidy Home is a Big “NO”

Regardless of the time of the day, it is advised that you keep your home tidy and neat. If you have children, avoid scattered toys around the floor, do not throw receipts on the floor, and do not neglect piles of post mails, unfolded laundry all around the house, which could be turnoffs for all potential buyers.

These minor details can be turnoffs and tell buyers that your home is not really in good shape. Before you call in estate agents such as those at Fish Need Water, you could purge your home from the unnecessary items before they decide to take a tour around it. Having a cluttered home also suggests there is a lack of sufficient storage or space in the home. Keep the rooms clean and if you have access furniture or items, you can donate some items to charity organizations or sell them online.

2.     Clean Odours and Pet Stains

When prospective buyers walk out of your home right after stepping in, you may want to consider a sniff test, which is usually a prevalent problem for people who own pets. Sure, if you are a proud pet owner, you must love your cat or dog and probably used to the odour your furry friends leave behind. Worse case, this could trigger allergic reactions for viewers coming inside.

To keep the odour away, you would want to keep your carpets clean and this means steam clean them to remove bad odours. Pass vacuum cleaners over carpets to pull any speck of fur away and extract dust from all corners of your home. When buyers walk into your home, you should keep away accessories. If the odour is way out of your control, you should consider calling in professionals to handle the job for you.

3.     Work on the Interior Decor

Wood panels, floral wallpapers, old wallpapers, popcorn ceilings, broken windows, and old doorknobs all sum up as least favourite details in the interior of homes. Before you call in people to view your property, keep in mind that some decor details in your home may be red flags for them and mean that your home is “outdated.”  As buyers approach your property, they will not have any interest in investing in an old house. They would prefer to have one with modern fixtures and unique details.

You could work on some changes such as changing the kitchen slabs, the floor, repaint the interior, and fix new windows. Minor improvements do not cost much in the end, but they sure help to bring the best side out of your property to attract more buyers.

Selling your home in London is not really something difficult. If you have no clue on what to really expect from the estate market, you should first conduct your research. As estate agents, survey the latest trends in the property market and you could approach genuine realtors to guide you through the process. Keep in mind that your home should also meet the choice of buyers, so put a price tag that is within an affordable range, and keep your compound neat and tidy at all times.