10 Benefits Of Canada Immigration & Its Citizenship

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The government of Canada offers many programs to help thousands of applicants across the globe to get permanent residence in different provinces. It is the top ideal places for the immigrant around the world because there are numerous advantages of the immigration to the country. The government here provides admissions in different institutes to the immigrants who have arrived in Canada on permanent residence status. For any help get in touch with immigration agency in Vancouver and avail the many benefits that Canadian citizens enjoy:

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1-Enhanced Sense Of Security

The sense of being secure is one of the most important things we all look for. The government here makes sure high-level of security for individuals that are intending to settle in Canada. When you have on permanent residence status, in the back of mind, you have peace that the federal government will be ensuring the proper safety to you.

2-Anyone Can Become A Citizen

The government of Canada offers visas to the skilled individuals, investors and the students and not to mentions people in business and the entrepreneurs. If you are facing a hard time in getting Canadian residency, you can get in touch with an immigration agency; they may suggest you the best category through which the chances of getting selected are 100 percent.

3-Many Opportunities To Start Over

One of the best things about the Canadian government is that they offer many courses and the opportunities that have lost their jobs. With the help of such social programs, the government helps immigrants to start afresh in altogether a different field. The new citizens are also entitled to many healthcare benefits.

4-Education, Loans & Scholarships

The government here offers free schooling along with subsidized higher education to the permanent residents. Those students who can make up for the merit get loans and scholarships to bear the educational and personal expenses.

5-You Get Voting Rights

As a citizen of Canada, you can also vote in the elections that take place at the federal, provincial and the municipal level. It means like all the other citizens you also have a say in who runs the town, city, school board, etc.

6-No Risk Of Deportation

Those Canadians who don’t have dual citizenship can’t be deported. In deportation, the immigration authorities order you to leave to Canada. Deported people are sent back to their country of origin. And deportation usually happens for committing crimes, violating rules or being a security threat.

7-Travel Easily

Once you are a Canadian citizen, you can get a Canadian passport, and it does not have to be renewed like a PR card. You will also be able to travel to Commonwealth countries and may not need any Visa. It also means that you will not have as many travel restrictions. And there will hardly be any hassles when you are re-entering Canada when you travel abroad using a Canadian passport.

8-Work In All Kind Of Jobs

Many jobs require high-level of security clearance, which only the citizens can have. It includes jobs at the federal level. These jobs are high paying and come with many benefits.

9-Citizenship Benefits To Children

If your children are born in Canada, they will be Canadian citizens as well. It means that they don’t have to go through the same process you did for applying for the citizenship.


Canadians have a friendly tax-regime. And as a citizen, you have to pay taxes at federal, provincial and municipal levels.

In The End

Take the help of immigration services Vancouver, if you face any challenge with your immigration application.